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Our cat Uragan Afonya Coon of SViNdoff is #1 Best of Breed Maine Coon 2016 WCF


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Breed guarantee — officially registered cattery, many years membership in the felinological club, four generation pedigree

Healthy kitten parents — genetic tests of parents, regular vaccinations, good nutrion and care

Well-breed and socialized kittens — ability to use the toilet for cats, use claw-point, good adaptation to life in a new place even with other pets

Perfect kittens health — healthy and proper nutrition and care, vaccinations, veterinary passport, sterelization

We help organizing the shipping — cooperation with relieble and experience couriers

A lot of photo and video materials about our kittens on Instagram, Facebook and YouTube

About us

We are SViNdoff. The Maine Coon cattery located in Serbia.

Registered in WCF system.

We will answer all of you questions about our kittens with pleasure.

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By using this form, or on our Instagram, Facebook,

maybe Email ( and Viber (+381 64 0164883)